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BearFit Fusion is The Newest Evolution in Permanent Weight Loss & Energy For Tired And Busy AF Moms And It’s Only Available Inside The Mama Bear Collective 

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About Ash

Ash Higbee is the Founder and CEO of Mama Bear Collective and Creator of BearFit Fusion.

She's also a Wife, Boy Mama, Dog Mama, Holistic Trainer, Functional Movement Specialist and The Weight Loss Coach for Busy AF Mamas.

Her background lies in:

  • Physical Therapy/ Chiropractic Care 
  • Competitive Gymnastics
  • Permanent Weight Loss via Habit and Behavior Change (Neuro-Linguistic Programming/ BrainCore Therapist)
  • Injury Prevention and Chronic Pain Recovery
  • Functional Range Conditioning and Mobility (FRC®/, FRA®)
  • Core & Pelvic Floor Strength/ Mobility (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability Training) 
  • Foot Health, Strength and Function (Neuro-sensory Specialist, Self Study Gait Happens)
  • Functional Yoga, Nervous System Regulation, Breath and Recovery (YTU®/ RMM®// RYT)
  • Locomotion Movement and Body Weight Training (GMB®) .
  • Group Exercise (AFAA)

After having her first baby, she gained a lot of weight, had pretty bad low back pain, zero ability to hit the gym, and couldn’t prepare food in the way she used to.

Her health, mentally, and physically, was almost non-existent; and her energy and confidence was at an all time low.

She realized she couldn’t live this way anymore at 2:30am when she was nursing her son. 

She was cracking up at a black screen TV; not realizing that nothing was actually playing for 15 minutes.

She ditched traditional weight loss culture and went out to explore health from the lens of her experience as a Chiropractic/PT assistant paired with her background as a Holistic Trainer.

After learning about chronic stress and inflammation from a weight loss perspective- she had her first eureka moment.

Then studying in depth movement and biomechanics from an entirely new lens- she had her second eureka moment.

Lastly, she realized she was doing the right things, but in the wrong order and in the wrong way- which led to her third eureka moment.

Then, the epiphany came: 

When did working out and health in general become separate from our day to day life? It should be part of it wearing anything, anytime, anywhere.

She streamlined her weight loss journey in way that was achievable, simple, effortless and sustainable that fit her new routine, schedule and life as a new mom. 

After 2 pregnancies, and a whopping 70 pounds lost, she has zero fear of that weight ever returning...

She also completely rid her body of chronic pain!

Since then, it has been her life’s purpose and mission to empower moms globally to take back ownership of their health, body and life; so they can feel their best, look their best, and live their best lives; every damn day, which she now does!

She developed an evolutionary permanent weight loss solution for busy AF moms called BearFit Fusion, which allows moms to lose weight effortlessly and live healthy as part of their daily life without having to separate it and schedule it in.

Her 15 years of experience in the fitness, rehab, and weight loss industry with a dedicated 7 years to mom specific health research around habit change, movement, nutrition, hormones, stress, mindset, environment, sleep, and recovery...

... has led her to develop Mama Bear Collective which encompasses BearFit Fusion, but now with the most epic mom health TRIBE, sisterhood, and community, period.