📢 Calling All Busy Moms Who Want to Stay Fit but Don't Know How...

We Tell You Exactly Where To Start and What To Do, With No Guesswork.

Finally fun workouts that will have you building consistency with ease, results like you haven’t experienced before, all without equipment or a gym membership... That's just the beginning, your fitness library has over 150+ full body workouts ranging from 2-15 minutes! This virtual fitness membership is made for moms of all fitness levels, with a step by step plan to keep you unstuck, strong and energized for good.



➡️ Are you dying to build a consistent, easy, and fun workout routine without sacrificing time away from your family to do it?

➡️ Are you struggling with chronic stress, overwhelm, and motivation?

➡️ Do feel like NOTHING you have tried up to this point has worked or lasted?

➡️ Do you find it difficult to find time to workout outside of the day to day housework and mom duties?

➡️ Do you feel like you still can’t get your butt moving regardless of how badly you WANT to exercise?

➡️ Have you lost consistency over the last year (or 10), and have’t gotten back into it.. or find huge gaps in between your daily exercise?

➡️ Are are stuck in a mental block of failure from already trying for so long?

➡️ Are you paralyzed with decision fatigue trying to decide when to exercise and it always feels like there is something more important to do first?

 Not to mention...

Every weight loss coach, fitness trainer and social media influencer seems to be either single, or a dude, who just does’t understand the life, demands, and responsibilities of a mom…

That’s why we created Mama Bear Fit Squad, [MBFS].

We will give you the road map, confidence, strength and energy you need to feel your best, look your best, and never fall off track again, regardless of what mom life brings you.


Ash combines 4 methods of fitness in every workout [ranging from 2-15 minutes] that shock your body in a healthy way allowing you to burn more fat and boost your metabolism for hours, even days after...

You also have recovery, active mobility, breath work, C-section rehab, Period flows, Functional Yoga, Deep core/pelvic floor healing...

...as well as BRAIN FITNESS! Yep, we tackle your mindset and stress relief too, to help you relieve chronic tension, and overcome hurdles along the way!

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Mom First. Superhero Second.




 We believe that Mom’s want to be healthy and have a body that resembles that.


 Finding the time, creating consistency, and knowing what to do is hard as a busy AF mom. 


A fail-proof fitness membership that is designed for the unpredictability of mom life 


We're dedicated to making fitness and stress relief accessible and sustainable to moms globally while empowering them to take back ownership of their health and fitness permanently.


This Fitness Membership Is For You If... 


☑️ You’re a busy mom looking for the Netflix of Movement to build whole body strength and on demand energy to keep up with your kids..

🥴 BLOCKBUSTER— Gym Membership.

🥀 you have to drive there

🥀 find the movie (equipment) you want to use.

🥀 wait for others to get out of the way so you can see what’s available.

🥀 you have to read the summary to make sure you know what the movie's about (how to use the equipment,) 

🥀 find someone who works there to show you where something is

🥀 you're left hoping that by “renting it” (using the equipment) you’ll actually like it, and get your value in terms of weight loss, energy, confidence and strength.

🤩 NETFLIX— Mama Bear Fit Squad.

✔️ Immediate access

✔️ No additional equipment or worker needed

✔️ No one in there to stare and judge 

✔️ No waiting times 

✔️ No guessing or hoping whether or not your choice of exercise will work

We give you a proven playlist in sequential order [much like *insert your favorite season of a show*]...

...that way you know for a fact:

💃🏻 You're building whole body strength & mobility

💃🏻 Losing weight/ toning up

💃🏻 Improving your energy and quality of sleep

💃🏻 Creating massive confidence

💃🏻 Moving your body properly and safely 

💃🏻 Healing your deep core and pelvic floor 

💃🏻 Doing it all in half the time, in a way that sticks permanently

We've designed the world’s simplest and most effective workout program for busy moms that we know of in existence [and we’ve been around for 15 years, so we’ve been through MANY of them with many connections].

You'll start as a beginner, and within 30 days, you'll know how to workout more effectively and safely than most personal trainers, yoga instructors, and fitness instructors combined. 

You're body will feel better and outlast most millennials. 

We even have a C-section rehab and recovery area to help relieve tension, low back pain, and assist in healing ab separation

If this all sounds awesome---> Mama Bear Fit Squad is your answer.


Mama Bear Fit Squad is More Than Just A Fitness Membership...

it’s a movement [ha!] designed to help you:

  • feel confident in your skin and in the bedroom
  • build the strength you never had
  • reach your goals without falling off track
  • de-stress on the spot with our brain fitness and mindset strategies
  • build a lasting consist workout routine, for life.
  • decrease your risk of injury
  • create incredible energy to keep up with your kids
  • continually progress to avoid hitting a plateau
  • finally understand how to use your body to heal, strengthen, tone and sculpt your body
  • stay on track with a monthly progress tracker and on secret consistency hacks
  • rid the worry of “when do I workout” 
  • kick frustration of  not knowing what to do or how to do it
  • overcome time barriers, consistency struggles, and lack of motivation
  • connect with other positive like minded moms on the same journey in a supportive and hilarious private community 

Sound Good?

Then click below and join us today, we'd LOVE to have you!! 

Still not sure? 

You can cancel anytime indefinitely. There's no hidden fees, charges, etc. If you're not happy for any reason: simply log in,  and toggle off your subscription, no harm no foul. 


What Other Moms Are Saying About These Workouts..


🙅🏻‍♀️ Getting ready 

🙅🏼‍♀️ A bra [for most] 

🙅🏽‍♀️ Equipment 

🙅🏾‍♀️ A lot of space 

🙅🏿‍♀️ More than 5 minutes 

I'm So Ready!!


Meet Ash

Holistic Trainer/ Functional Movement Specialist/ Weight Loss Coach


👋🏻 What's Up I'm Ash, Mama of 2 and the founder and instructor for Mama Bear Fit Squad.

As an expert in mom health, creator of BearFit Fusion; I believe that movement and laughter are truly the best medicine. 

When I had my first baby, everything changed, including my "gym" routine and body. I felt anxious, stressed and lost mentally & physically. I refused to stay this way, so I took my background and paired it with science to create these "Daily Mama Moves" that changed my life while also transforming my mind and body.

Redefining fitness is how I found myself again as a busy mom, but a vision and movement [ha!] to empower every mom to take ownership of her health, body, MOVEMENT, and life every damn day! 

Here's What You Get:


In just 2-15 minutes per day, you’ll begin to see and feel results in your body in as little as 7 days.
Our workouts require no equipment, little space, so you don’t have to sacrifice time away from your family.
It’s accessible to all fitness levels, done anytime/anywhere dressed in anything with modifications allowing you to “feel the burn” and tone up without feeling so sore you can’t move the next day. We make it as easy as popping up your on demand app. 
  • 1-1 customized jumpstart plan and a DFY monthly progress tracker to make sure you’re starting in the right place and to help take away decision fatigue. 
  • An ever-growing Fitness library for all fitness levels of over 100 prerecorded fat burning and metabolism boosting, energy boosting routines for a whole body workouts ranging from 2-15 minutes. 
  • Live Q + A with your trainer and mom health expert, Ash along with a private positive community of other moms to connect, get support, accountability and thrive. 
  • 4 methods of fitness combined into every workout to shock your body in a healthy way to lengthen, strengthen, tone and sculpt your body and avoid plateau.


Would setting aside 5 minutes per day be worth it if you knew you'd stop peeing your pants when you coughed, sneezed, ran, or jumped? 
Our core and pelvic floor restore program helps you rebuild your postpartum body by mastering 6 foundational moves in literally 2-5 minutes per day. Some of our moms notice changes in as little as 5 days!!
  • DFY progress tracker with daily milestones to be met and track your progress 
  • Build length, strength, mobility, and balance in your body from your feet to head; with our 2-5 minute whole body strength and mobility work- because your pelvic floor/core doesn't live in isolation ;) 
  • Modifications, variations and in depth cueing to make sure you're doing the movements correctly 
  • Discover how to truly create lasting definition in your abs that doesn't go away.
  • Extra "Move and learn" resource library to help heal Diastasis Recti or ab separation, "mom pooch," and leaks!


Building the habit of exercise must start small, with Ash's 2-5 minute fat burning workouts so you never fall off track again.
Our methods are proven and backed by science to see and feel results in as little as 7 days without having to leave your kids or hire help.
We make them fun, simple, and dangerously effective to help you build effortless consistency once and for all. 
  • Master your movements and build effortless consistency so you can start working out like you used too while building a resilient body.
  • Our pre-recorded 2–5-minute whole body workouts fit seamlessly into your individual schedule. 
  • Build an active lifestyle + daily mom moves that tack on zero time to your day while building strength and mobility. 
  • Stress relief techniques to release daily stressors.


In 5-10 minutes per day, you'll begin to build one of the most important habits you can when it comes to ridding chronic pain and losing weight with ease-- managing and mastering your stress.
You'll start to see some of your own patterns, discover why you feel like you have zero energy, and learn how to tackle life with more happiness instead of overwhelm. 
  • Your neurogym to calm your mind and regulate your nervous system with our quick and effective stress relief techniques and audio meditations 
  • Journal prompts to help you dig deep and uncover mental blocks and break through them.
  •  A revamp guide for a stress-free home and environment to help manage your energy so you can increase your overall happiness.
  • A complete guide on how to master stressful situations and calm your mind with ease.
  • Create effortless consistency with our time and consistency pre-recorded workshop. 


In as little as 5 minutes per day, you'll learn how to release tension, tightness, and chronic pain in your body.
You'll start to move better, feel better, and get through daily chores & house work with more ease in as little as 2 weeks.
  • Follow along breathing techniques and functional yoga practices to relieve tension and create a strong and mobile core.
  • Follow along active mobility for strong and healthy joints with assessments to track your progress. 
  • Engage in deep core work to help relieve low back tension and create stability in your whole body.
  • C-section rehab and recovery 
  • Morning and evening mindset and mobility routines to melt away mental tension and improve your quality of sleep with our nighttime audio relaxation technique and hacks.
  • Learn how to give your body exactly what it needs; healing soreness, pain, tightness and tension on demand. 

🏅Access to a Private Community with daily support, accountability, connection with other moms

🏅On Demand Access via our Own App to your ever growing brain and body workouts, recovery flows, daily mom moves, functional yoga, low impact HIIT, stress relief techniques + so much more! 

🏅 Over 150+ Workouts/Movements to help you rebuild your postpartum body,  reclaim definition, strength, and mobility, while reshaping your mind to create on demand energy, effortless consistency and lasting results! Plus.. NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED!

🏅Monthly Calendars & Progress Tracker to stay accountable, avoid hitting a plateau, while  seeing and feeling noticeable progress

🏅 “Choose Your Path” System with a step by step customizable plan to take out all guesswork and cut through the overwhelm.

⚡️ 21 Day Core + Pelvic Floor Restore

⚡️ 30 Day Consistency Jumpstart

⚡️ Tone. Sculpt. Strengthen.

⚡️ Build An Active Lifestyle.

⚡️ Animal Strength & Mobility

⚡️ Functional Yoga

⚡️ Relax. Rejuvenate. Recover

⚡️ Brain Fitness

⚡️ Daily Mama Moves

  + constantly growing!

🏅 Resource Section  Extra "move and learn" videos to help you really understand the different cueing and workouts within your own body. You get to learn and move in different ways to really seal in the changes your making in a way that works for YOUR individual body.

I Want To Join The Squad!