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Ex: I would love for Ash to create a course around foot pain. I've dealt with Plantar Fasciitis for 4 years now and nothing has helped. I think so quick education around it would be helpful as I feel like I still don't know much about it, as well as exercises and anything to help with the pain, thanks! 

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Psssst---> If this is a course you really want created, make sure to get others to fill this out as well to give it priority!


She needs to see enough demand from different angles, in order to make it the best course on X topic, ever created! 



*Demand For New Course = Foot Pain Relief Course


...YOU want the foot course for Plantar Fasciitis, here's why.


...Susie is pregnant and wants the same course, because she developed Plantar Fascitiis from pregnancy. 


....Paul doesn't want, but desperately  needs the same course, because HE got plantar fasciitis from working at Home Depot and he's now out of work.


....Tonya has plantar fasciitis from being a TSA agent at the airport and has no option in her shoe choice. 


That way she can cover as much as needed to make sure it gives you not only an incredible investment, but life changing, life time results covering every angle as always!! 

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